Around 1960, Marvin Glyn Ferrell took a risk: He decided to purchase a mobile home. Initially adopted from travel trailers, these units were becoming more popular as an alternative form of housing. Situated in a rural location, Ferrell reasoned that such a product would be a viable business enterprise. He was not wrong. Becoming incorporated shortly thereafter, Ferrell Mobile Homes grew from its humble beginning. Ferrell, with his wife, Florence, began to share in the success of the burgeoning company. Ferrell's prosperity did not curtail his drive towards expansion, as he built a mobile home park nearby to meet the growing real estate demand due to the sale of these homes. Equipping his posterity to carry on his legacy, Marvin brought his sons, Pete and Marvin Jr., to the executive forefront. Both were great leaders in their own right, but Marvin Jr., otherwise known as Glyn, was especially ambitious. Around the same time that Glyn assumed control of Ferrell Mobile Homes, he married his wife, Kimberley, and started a family. They would share in his success for many years to come. Through sound strategies and a strong business sense, Glyn moved Ferrell Mobile Homes towards expansion, and has grown the company steadily since his takeover.